Recrewt has been formed as a new and independent company, which caters for the more personal side of crewing. I have always believed that crewing should be tailored to the individual, for both the client and crew member alike, and as such have a very hands-on approach. Each crew member, where possible, is interviewed personally, and references checked thoroughly.
Following a crew enquiry from a captain or owner, a search is done to find crew which fit the job description. The requirements of the crew member are taken very much into account when details are forwarded to a yacht. Using this very personal approach, placements are inevitably more successful.

During a busy season, when pressure is as it's worst, and time is of the essence, a simple email or phone call - including weekends and evenings - will guarantee a rapid response. This continuity of availability, I have always offered, and continue to do so with Recrewt.

CVs should be written in the most comprehensive way, and as easy to read as possible. References should be scanned, and all should be forwarded by email, with all relevant contact numbers and email addresses for both the candidate and the referees.
Once registered, crew are required to keep all their details updated, and successful placement is only as effective as the information given. This contact is encouraged, and a more in-depth knowledge of each candidate achieved; a rapport.
Email is the most efficient way of keeping in contact, and keeping details updated. It is advised that once the season is upon us, candidates are here and available for work/interview. It is difficult to place crew who aren't readily accessible, NOT impossible!
For further information on preparing CVs please see here.

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