For RECREWT, crew placement is all year round, the main season being the Mediterranean season, running from March to September. Crew placement for the Caribbean season, starts around the end of this season, and will continue throughout the winter.
Since 1995, both working aboard yachts and through previous crew agency experience, RECREWT has gained contacts with many of the yards building new yachts, large and small. Therefore, crew placement can, and does, occur throughout the year.

RECREWT works on a personal level with crew and clients alike, and for that reason, is very successful. Although much can be achieved via email, it is very important that crew searching for placement, introduce themselves in person, where possible, and to make themselves available for interview.

‘Initial contact must be made via registration on the website’. A registration form should be completed and sent back with the CV, and references, and are for office information only. Before registering, please see the ‘CV format’ and ‘new crew info’ buttons and ensure that you are sending a CV that corresponds to our format, and that you send all other information required for a full registration. Additional information may be sent on an email. Once we have a full registration, we will proceed to inviting you for interview at the office.


It is essential that crew are in regular contact, after registration, and as much information as possible given on whereabouts, and any changes of circumstances. The RECREWT office is centred in Antibes, at 18, Rue Aubernon, and is open to all crew for registration during morning hours 0900 to 1230. Checking in for work can be done at any time through the day, via email, phone or SMS/text. All contacts will be answered

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Captain Stewardess Chef Chief Engineer
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Steward Mate Chef Cook 2nd Electrical Engineer
Chief Steward Bosun Crew Chef Electronic Engineer
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  Engineering Deck General Chef (list) Diving (list)
Yacht 4 Class 4 Master/Class 4 Silver Service Specialties Certificates
Yacht 3 Class 3 Master<500/Class 5 Nurse        
Yacht 2 Class 2 Chief Mate Hairdresser        
Yacht 1 Class 1 Officer of the Watch Masseuse        
AEC MEOL Yachtmaster Ocean Beauty Therapy        
        Yachtmaster Offshore Nanny        
            STCW95 Basic        
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