CV information for crew

CV and other documents

  • Your CV should be in English, in Word and maximum two pages and about 100kb 100kb, ideally font size 10 works well and Times Roman is a small font 10 if you are struggling to keep to 2 pages.
  • Before sending your CV, clearly mark your document with your full name: ie James Morris CV (not ‘yacht cv latest’).
  • Name each document and send as individual documents ie: James Morris STCW95, James Morris PB2 etc, hotel reference etc.

CV layout

A yachting CV needs to be laid out as follows:

First name and family / surname  

Date of birth : day/month/year

Nationality: both passports if dual nationality

Visas with expiry dates


Drivers license: Yes/No

No tattoos/piercings/smoker if applicable

Marital Status

Languages (only if fluent in an additional language)



Head and  shoulders shot

Note. Head shot should be formal, preferably in a smart shirt, white is good. Outside and ideally facing forward- or slightly turned to show you have long hair(for the girls only) No sunglasses on your head, no glassy-eyed wedding shots. short hair and clean shaven for the boys, hair tied back for girls, as you would be in service. Limited makeup and jewellery. It is fine to smile.

Contact information


Phone numbers (include country codes)



Personal profile

This is an introduction to you and what experience/skillset you are bringing to yachting/your next position.

DON’T put ‘hardworking/reliable/team player’ as everyone says that, and as you aren’t going to write anything negative, it is really superfluous.

It should include info relevant to the position you are seeking/recreational sailing, hospitality etc. I have 3 years experience working in hospitality‘ for example.


Listed use two boxes/columns side by side to use the space well.

STCW (basic training) is a prerequisite for a position in this industry, and without it your choices are nil.

The PSA is a fairly recent addition to the basic STCW and is also required (many yachts ask for the PDSD) it is best to mark clearly on the CV, as even if it is on the same certificate, a client will not assume you have it unless stated.

ENG 1 medical (with expiry) is also a requirement.

Deck candidates should also have a powerboat level II minimum.

Additional relevant qualifications will always help PWC/I, etc. Please send scanned original copies of any relevant certificates, scanned individually, not scanned to the CV or scanned as one document. Documents are better scanned as PDF or JPEG files. Photographs or scanned photocopies will not be accepted forms of certification or identification documents. An STCW 95 is NOT a guarantee to a job in this industry.

Please send copies of certificates (named ie: John Smith PWC, John Smith STCW 95, John Smith ENG1). We also require copies of your passport/s, visas, other relevant certificates such as scuba diving/beauty therapy/massage/nursing qualifications. All documents need to be a reasonable size, nothing too ‘heavy’ 200 500kb maximum preferred. Be aware that we or a potential employer will need to view the original documents, you must take them with you when you join a vessel. As an MLC compliant company we are required to check the authenticity of your qualifications. We will confirm with the training provider or agency the fact that they have issued your certificates or certificate of competence.

Professional experience

Dates on left, month and year, in reverse chronological order with the most recent at the top.

A paragraph layout is generally better than bullet pointing, as that takes up a lot of space and doesn’t always give the most information.

Font size ten works well with spacing – Times Roman is the smallest readable font in size 10.


March 2017 – Feb 2020

Hilton Hotel 5*, UK

Head Waitress

Job description – describe the place you worked, then the job.

For example, Hotel ***** is a five star hotel in the heart of London. It has 200 rooms, and the restaurant seats 150. The restaurant held a Michelin star, etc. I was responsible for table settings, napkin folds, wine pairing, silver service/fine dining. Speciality coffees, cocktails, tray service/wine service. Housekeeping/room service, turndowns at night, etc.


March 2019 – May 2020  

MY F****M 35m Benetti

Deckhand (or stewardess)

Private? Charter? 6 crew and up to 8 guests? part of a deck/interior team of how many? Live-aboard owner (not ‘boss’)? nationality of owner? , children onboard (not ‘kids’)? back to back charter? Double season? Cruising areas and responsibilities – tender driving? What tenders? Watersports? Toys? Slide? Inflatable water park? Bridge/anchor-watches? Laundry/cabins/service? Etc.

Positions you have held that aren’t hospitality/boat orientated, will need less information, and the ones from hotels/restaurants/boats more detail.

Do not leave out details in your working history you cannot have gaps in your time line, it is questionable. For example, if you have laundry/silver service/chambermaid experience. If you have worked in five star/Michelin star establishments, that is all great info to add, how many covers, wine service, napkin folding, setting table, etc etc. If you worked lunch and dinner service, or all day service. Fine dining, silver service, busy bistro.

Captains and senior HoD important to add details re managed/not managed(and by who?), size of team onboard that you were responsible for/managing? Accounts what programmes. Anything particular to the vessel in question newbuild? Yard periods? Change of ownership mid season, etc etc. using photos of yachts worked on makes the doc heavy and takes up space on the CV better served to detail. Photos are a good additional portfolio to take to interview.

Deckhand candidates, any experience on the water, it’s all good to add. Always add the size of the vessel, responsibilities onboard, tender driving, bridge watch, etc. crew/guest ratio, where cruised, private/charter, if applicable. Even if your experience is leisure based, it is useful.

Engineers, additional info on type of engine/generator/AC/IT/AV/EVAC systems etc.

Hairdressing/Beauty Therapy/Massage/Nursing these are a plus and should be added to the CV, even if you are looking for a Stewardess position. Add information on the treatments you are trained in and the product lines also. For nurses, more info on what you are trained in IV, sutures etc.

Chefs, please provide menu plans for approximately 7 days, b/fast/lunch and dinner, for guests. Breakfast can be a la carte, as guests will have what they want. Three course lunch and four course dinner minimum. Use your strengths and show you can be flexible with your menu presentation. Variety is great to show, as long as you are confident with what you produce. You can list hot/cold canap s, afternoon tea, etc. A 7 day menu for crew is also good, 2 3 choices lunch and dinner (preferably a course with no meat/fish). Photos are also good to take to an interview, we will take copies of photos from you on email. Make sure food styles are worked into your job descriptions

(A paragraph layout is generally better than bullet pointing, as that takes up a lot of space and doesn’t always give the most information. Font size ten works well with spacing)


if you have been lucky enough to get daywork, have separate sub-section for daywork at the top of your work history – it is the most recent and relevant


Professional History

May 2022– present – Daywork/Freelance Mediterranean

MY *** 110m two days detailing cabins/bridge

MY ***** 55m four days interior detailing/laundry, or full washdown/two part teak, etc. put in products you have used and learned about Rainex, Flitz, Semco, etc. if you did a temp position and had guests on, more info is good.

Contacts for references

please add name, email addresses, and phone numbers at the end of the CV. Also note if the person is on a different time zone. People lose phones/leave jobs but email rarely changes. Also send copies of written references clearly named.

Name of person


Position ie Mate/Captain

Phone number



Melissa Gilbert

MY F*****m

Ch. Stewardess

tel: +44 1385 7862

Hobbies or interests

These should be set out simply ie

Skiing/surfing/knitting – do NOT put socialising as a hobby

Note: If you are looking as a couple, I would expect the CVs to mirror each other. Same font/size/layout. Not one of you using metres the other using feet as measurements, for example, dates in different format – 6/11 instead of June 2011, etc et. It looks professional and looks like you have spent time on your CVs.

Important information

Once you are registered via the website, and have had confirmation from Recrewt, please ONLY send new information on email.

Do NOT go via the website to send amended CVs or additional info.

If you cannot fit all your information via the website, attach to an email and send. You will NOT have a log in number.