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New World – New ReCrewt website – New Blog

So, while the world has been wrong side up and we’ve all been locked up (in!), I have been working on my website, among other things.  It’s long overdue, and I’m really excited about the end result – please send over your feedback, it would be great to hear what you think.

I spent time contacting some of my more experienced crew – not only to catch up and see how they were coping with a global pandemic, but also to ask them to share their insights. Some of my senior crew have worked with me for well over ten years, since they were junior crew. It has been a joy to watch them flourish as they have worked their way up the ladder. I value their opinions, so I asked them to share how they joined the industry, the process by which they became senior crew and what, if anything, they would do differently. The insights and information they have shared with me has been amazing.

Hence a ‘Recrewt Blog’ has been born. Over the coming weeks and months, I will be sharing information for you in a ‘serialized’ format. In the first series I’ll be covering everything I can to help new yacht crew get the best start they can in our spectacular but highly competitive industry. From what to aim for before you come into yachting, and what you need to know to be able to create a decent yachting CV, to dockwalking tips and how to find daywork plus lots of other topics in between, and straight from the horses (or senior crewmembers) mouth and It’ll be covering information for all entry level junior positions: steward/ess, deckhand, engineer and chef.

Following the first series, I will then be focussing on training – I have a wonderful interior training company who I work with and are willing to provide helpful videos for you all to watch. Then we will turn to hints and tips for deck candidates, and for chefs, I have a provisioning company who will be sharing a bunch of essential self-help information.

If any of you crew reading this have anything you would like to see shared on the blog, contact me via  and I’ll see if I can make it happen for you. Same with any amazing photos that you take, feel free to send me crew photos, yacht photos (ask the captain first), and any great pictures of your travels. Think of it like helping your younger selves to do better faster… And you might get to see yourself on the website which is always nice!

Until next time…

Sarah Plant